Wood Floor Sanding

Renovating wooden floors is effortless with a Husqvarna® floor grinder. If you can use a vacuum cleaner, you can also grind a wooden floor – it’s that easy.

Best for Wooden Floors

A Husqvarna® floor grinder can be used to refinish wooden floors. The end result is a clean and smooth wooden floor that shows off the wood’s natural beauty.

  • You can get close to the edges and do not need to follow the grain of the wood
  • If the machine is used with an external vacuum cleaner, the floor can be ground dust-free

A Big Plus – You get a level floor when you sand it this way, without any low spots.

One Machine – More Areas of Service

Flooring contractors can use their existing Husqvarna® floor grinder to offer more services to existing customers. Turn it into a sanding machine by fitting sandpaper tools underneath the machine.

Solid wood floor applications:

Wooden Decks

Rough Plank Flooring

Hard Wood Floors

Parquet Floors

Grow your income. Add wooden floor restorations to your services.

Expand Your Flooring Business

All it takes is a simple tool change to transform a Husqvarna® machine into a powerful sanding machine.

Ask us to recommend the right tooling.

The EZwood™ tool series for wood grinding / wood sanding

Unique materials and technique are combined in our EZwood™ tools. They are the most effective wood grinding tools on the market.

  • Simplified grinding process
  • Long life / outstanding performance
  • Developed with the simple and unique EZchange™ system
  • Quicker end-result