Floor Preparation

When you are preparing a floor for a client, you may be faced with underlying problems:

A rough / uneven surface

Adhesives and coatings which need to be removed

Concrete that’s too hard or too soft

We don’t want you to struggle to get a smooth sub-surface.

How do you get the best start for a flooring project?

Our concrete grinding machines level out surfaces so that you can start with a smooth surface.

How do some contractors prepare a surface for flooring? 

  • Slowly chipping screed out by hand / jack hammer
  • Applying a new screed to level the surface
  • No preparation at all

You don’t need to waste 3 – 4 days preparing your surface. 

Use an efficient grinding machine to get a surface level from the beginning. 

Problems with self-levelling screeds


Self-levelling screeds cost money


Self-levelling screeds need extra time to cure


Self-levelling screeds can still delaminate

Use a grinding machine to avoid the above problems.

This will reduce your time on site by a number of days.

Underlying floor problem?

You need to get a smooth surface before you can begin.
Ask our advice.

Our machines can be used to prepare an existing surface by removing coatings, such as:

  • Tile Fix Cement
  • Adhesives
  • Epoxy / Polyurethane coatings
  • Screeds
  • Paint
  • Bitumen


Get the job done in less time with the right machine.