Transform an ordinary concrete floor into a super-strong Superfloor™.

The Superfloor™ method is the global standard and best practice for achieving a high quality polished concrete floor, because the result is consistently smooth and super-strong.

How do you a create a Superfloor™?

  • A concrete floor is ground and polished, according to the Superfloor™ method, using progressively finer diamonds
  • The technique is driven by our patented floor grinder that has a true planetary grinding action and diamond tools. Variable speed grinds slower and polishes faster for various processes
  • The floor is polished until all scratches are removed and the concrete has a high mechanical shine

The result is a Superfloor™- a super-smooth, polished concrete floor – first time, every time.

A Superfloor™ – from start to finish

Watch our video to see the process in action.

Why do Superfloor™ contractors outperform rivals?

They gain efficiency with:

Leading technology

Husqvarna® (incorporating HTC) leads the market with new developments that drive efficiency

Highest Productivity

Cutting-edge design and technology aimed at continually improving productivity

Equipment that is Built to Last®

Tested in the factory and on the ground, our equipment brings long-term cost savings

Find out about Superfloor™ technology for your flooring business.

Superfloor™ Training

We provide world-class training and will show you how to increase productivity and achieve the best floor finish possible.

What makes a Superfloor™ Super-Strong?

  1. When a concrete floor is cast, the aggregate settles below the surface, leaving mainly cement on top.
  2. Our process grinds away the top layer, exposing the aggregate, which is comparable to rock.
  3. Finally, the floor is mechanically ground to a beautiful, smooth shine. It consists of entirely natural components – stone, sand, water and cement.


A Superfloor™ can last the lifetime of a building. It can handle tough treatment and requires little maintenance.

*  Comparison of average costs (2018) for installation and maintenance of four common flooring solutions over a 20-year period.Compared flooring: vinyl, ceramic tiles, quarry tiles and epoxy-terrazzo. Comparison made with HTC Superfloor™ as the departure point. Source: HTC Sweden AB

Super-Easy to Maintain

  • it’s a breeze to clean with a floor-cleaning machine and Diamond Twister® pads. This not only cleans the floor, it micro-polishes it too, using only water
  • Manual cleaning, such as with a vacuum cleaner or wet mop, also works well
  • No chemicals are necessary for cleaning, making it cost-effective and eco-friendly


  • Vibration-free – extremely smooth and even surface for chairs to roll on and forklifts to drive on
  • Sparkproof and fireproof – meets the highest EU fire safety classification per A1FL (96/603/EC)


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