Floor Maintenance

What is the best way to clean large areas of commercial flooring?

The Diamond Cleaning System outperforms traditional chemical-based cleaning methods.

It is a chemical-free system that uses an auto-scrubber or polishing machine and Diamond Twister® pads.

No cleaning chemicals or polish are needed – only water.

How does the Diamond Cleaning System work?

Twister® pads contain microscopic diamonds that micro-polish the floor as you clean it. This cleans the floors mechanically, rather than chemically.

Environmentally friendly

The Twister® method is the only completely eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical based cleaning.

Cost saving

You save money on labour and cleaning chemicals because only water is required.

The Diamond Cleaning System solves these problems:

  • Floors that don’t meet hygiene standards
  • Lengthy periods of time spent cleaning floors
  • Periodic maintenance periods for floor polishing and waxing

You don’t need to spend extra budget on floor maintenance.

Ask for the diamond cleaning system for your building.

Recommended for these smooth floor types:

Rubber floor matting



Polished Concrete




Natural Stone


Cement floor overlays




A polishing machine, Diamond Twister® pads and water are all it takes to maintain and clean all types of smooth flooring.