Diamond Tools

We supply the largest range of Husqvarna® (incorporating HTC) diamond tools in the industry. Different tools transform your machine into a workhorse for many tasks –  from rough grinding through to gloss polishing.

We are experts in diamond tooling and will advise you on the right tools.

Professional operators often have these concerns:

Which tool should I use for a specific job?

Will the tool be strong enough?

How often will I need to replace the tool?

We specialise in providing tooling built by the market leader, Husqvarna®.
Choosing the right tooling can save you a lot of time.
What to you need to do?

How do you feel about redoing work?

Get the job done right, first time.
Ask us to show you how the right machine and tooling can help you.

How Diamond Tools Work:

1. Our diamond tools are fitted underneath the machine and can be instantly changed without any screws, using our patented EZchange™ or Redi Lock™ system.

2. The tools are made up of a metal matrix that contains diamond crystals. They do not really “cut” like a knife – they grind.

3. The grinding process will gradually expose new diamonds within the tool segments, creating a constantly sharp surface and allowing new layers of diamond exposure to continue cutting.

4. There is a balance between cutting speed and wear resistance. High quality Husqvarna tools used for the right purpose will grind quicker and last longer,  costing less in the long run compared to any other tools on the market.

5. The diamond tool should be adapted to the machine’s weight,  power, the type of task and the materials you cut.

What do you NEED to do?

Ask us about the right grinding tools to remove coatings, grind different types of concrete or stone, or polish a surface.

Ceramic glues

Vinyl glues 



Rain damaged concrete

Concrete hard

Concrete medium

Concrete soft

Semi-polished concrete



A complete range of Diamond Tools

Our range of diamond tools is continually being researched and improved. From abrasive floors to high gloss polishing, our tools are designed to deliver high quality and quick results.

Tools for Surface Preparation

EZ Prep Series

Specifically for removal of thinner coatings and concrete surface levelling. The new EZ PREP series incorporates the best of the well-known T-Rex® and Ravager tools. A good choice if you would like to generate a structured surface with good adhesiveness when casting a floor, no matter if it’s on top of screed or concrete.

Ravager Series

Ravager is specifically for creating a bush hammered surface with high friction. This tool is perfect when wanting a coarse floor for high adhesiveness on overmouldings, and also when placing other toppings or creating a Terrazzo floor. It has a high stock removal capacity and can remove rigid and brittle coatings.

Vari-Grind G 600 Series (Silver)

Best used for surface preparation of hard concrete. Also good for use with vinyl glues, paint and thin epoxy. Available in a number of bond hardnesses. Products from the Silver category have been developed for professional use in all-round applications. Designed for use on Husqvarna’s PG model series.

Elite-Grind G 1400 Series (Gold)

Best used for surface preparation of semi-polished concrete and hard concrete. Available in a number of bond hardnesses. Products from the Gold category provide maximum cutting speed and wear resistance in heavy grinding. Designed for use on Husqvarna’s PG model series.

Tools for Grinding

SMHX Series

Four new series of metal-bond diamond tools for grinding all types of concrete. Grinds from soft (S) to extremely hard (X) concrete. New composition increases the removal rate during grinding by up to 35% and the life length up to 45%. This series makes your choice of tool easier when you’re grinding concrete floors.

Diamond Xpress Series

A grinding system for dry-processing of natural stone such as marble, terrazzo and limestone. The specific formula and design also makes it a very good polishing tool for hard concrete floors. By eliminating water, the grinding process can be completed in half the time! You can also reduce or completely exclude chemicals.

Tools for Polishing

Resin EZ SP series

High-performance concrete polishing tool that performs on all types of concrete. Resin-bond diamond tools are used many times after the use of metal-bond diamond tools for floor polishing. Suits all purposes, ranging from grinding/polishing of concrete, screed terrazzo, granite and marble to wood grinding.

Hiperflex Series

Superior diamond tools for polishing large, even areas of polished concrete floors. Optimal use is on hard concrete, but also suitable on soft or medium concrete. Can also be used for wet polishing of concrete, terrazzo (cementious and resin based) and calcerous stone.

Are you using something other than Husqvarna or HTC machines?

We have tool adapters for most machines.