Industrial / Warehousing Polished Concrete

Industrial flooring needs to be strong to withstand heavy loads. Concrete floors are known to be super-strong and our powerful machines are Built to Last®.

We supply the Husqvarna® range of concrete flooring machines and tools, such as grinders, polishers, diamond tools, power trowels, and dust extractors.

Companies sometimes experience these problems with warehouse flooring:

Cracks and crevasses

Dusting from the concrete floor

Flooring that doesn’t meet flatness tolerances

This leads to:

  • Health and safety issues, such as trip and fall accidents
  • Damage to forklifts and vehicle tyres with early replacement costs
  • Increased cleaning and sanitation costs

Warehouse floors need to provide adequate support for floor loading and a safe working environment.

Contractors need to create a durable floor that meets the floor hardness and flatness required.

The Superfloor™ process will allow you to finish huge areas of concrete surfaces with the best results.

A Big Floor Needs A Big Machine

Complete large flooring projects with confidence.
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The Husqvarna trowel system is a wet system that’s used to finish big areas of concrete flooring. A powerful trowel uses pressure to make the surface flatter and smoother in less time.

Extra Advantages:

  • Dust-free
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Cost effective

Industrial flooring needs to have a low life-cycle cost and high longevity.

Our trowel system allows you to create a functional polished concrete floor with the speed of a ride-on trowel.

Welcome to a New Era of Concrete Trowelling

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Husqvarna® Trowels and Tools

We supply a complete range of Husqvarna® trowels – including ride-on and walk-behind trowels, petrol and electric options.

The Hipertrowel™ Tool System allows you to combine diamond tools with a trowel – for faster polishing of large, clear areas of concrete flooring, where the flatness is sufficient.