Polished Concrete Floors

We are experts in polished concrete flooring. We supply floor grinding machines and diamond tools that are used to create beautiful polished concrete floors in homes, using the Superfloor™ concept.


Initially, concrete floors were used in commercial areas where durable flooring was required.

Improved technology led to the development of glossy, attractive concrete floors that complement modern design trends.

People find the extreme strength a major advantage. In addition:

  • The floor is seamless, making cleaning quicker and easier
  • Lighting cost savings can be achieved due to the reflection of natural light
  • The lifecycle cost of the floor is lower than any alternatives

Concrete floors are so strong that they can last the lifetime of a building.

Not all polished concrete floors are Superfloors

  • Some floors crack easily
  • Some have an uneven surface
  • Some show dirt and stains

Creating a concrete floor doesn’t need to be problematic.

The Superfloor™ technique consistently produces better results.

What do you need?

We are a company that supplies flooring equipment to contractors that create polished concrete floors.
If you are a home owner and would like us to recommend a Husqvarna Certified Contractor for your polished concrete flooring project, please submit your request here.

When laying a polished concrete floor, contractors often ask:

How do I get the floor flat with no waves?

How do I know which diamond tools I should be using?

What is the quickest way to get the best floor finish?

Using the right machinery, tools and know-how will set you on the right path.

How do you feel about redoing work?

Get the job done right, first time.
Ask us to show you how the right machine and tooling can help you.

What makes people so happy that they’ll recommend a contractor to friends?

• The job gets done in less time
• The process is cleaner with less dust
• The floor looks smooth and attractive

Using a grinding machine with a vacuum machine behind it is quick and efficient.

Make your customers happy!

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