Commercial / Industrial Floors 

We provide equipment for grinding and polishing concrete floors, as well as training and service. Polished concrete floors are known to be super-strong and our machines are Built to Last®.

Companies frequently encounter these problems with industrial flooring: 

Uneven flooring that causes damage to forklifts

Delaminated coatings

Dusting from the concrete floor

You don’t need to battle to create a Super Floor that will stand up to the demands of operational stress.

We can help you.

How does the Super Floor system work?

A newly laid or existing concrete floor is ground until it’s smooth, using a step-by-step process.

Our concrete grinding machines have different diamond tools that fit underneath the machine for gradually grinding the surface to the right degree of smoothness.

The finished floor is so smooth that no wax or chemicals are needed to clean the floor.

Floors are cleaned with a machine and diamond Twister® pads. So, it’s environmentally friendly and cost effective to maintain.

CONCRETE FLOORS HAVE Multiple Application Areas:

Shops and offices

Commercial properties

Public buildings

Factories and warehouses

Ask our technical advice on concrete flooring for your property.

Challenges contractors face:

• Getting the floor flat, with no waves
• Keeping labour costs within budget
• Getting the specifications right

We understand that contractors need to get concrete floors within budget and quality specifications.

We can help you get the right specs for your floor.

How do you feel about redoing work?

Get the job done right, first time.
Ask us to show you how the right machine and tooling can help you.

Building Your Business?

What difference will it make if you have a machine that can double your output?

You need to get the right machinery and support.

We will help you with expert advice, training and service.

Market leading machines

We supply contractors with Husqvarna® machines, world renowned and the market leader in concrete flooring  machinery.


We will provide you with training – not only to operate your machinery, but also the know-how to get the best results on the floor.


Our machinery has the longest service life on the market @ 1,000hr intervals. Please speak to our trained technicians for any service or repair related questions.

Ask us to help you.