Floor grinding and polishing
For over 20 years, HTC has been the market leader in floor grinding and floor grinding equipment. HTC•s machinery has been developed for high performance, while remaining user-friendly and providing flexibility. The machine can be used for many work areas.

No job too small, no job too large
HTC has machines in its product range that cover everything from edge grinding to grinding areas thousands of square metres in size. HTC is a machine supplier with floor grinding equipment for all your floor jobs!


The most extensive tool range in the world
HTC has developed the largest selection of diamond tools for floors on the market. At HTC, you•ll find the tools suitable for your current flooring job, as well as the various flooring jobs you•ll get in the future.

The benefits of HTC•s patented system
HTC•s machine models are based on a patented drive system with one, three or four grinding discs. The drive system consists of one large grinding disc and three or four smaller grinding discs that counter-rotate at up to 1600 RPM.


The design makes the machine perfectly balanced and it does not tend to pull in any direction, which in turn makes the grinding less stressful on your body, with a smoother floor as a result.

    The HTC range consists of:
      •  HTC Greyline machines
      •  HTC Twister
      •  Professional Grinders
      •  Dust Extractors
      •  Tools & Accessories


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