An efficient planetary grinder with high performance.

The HTC 800 Classic series is an excellent choice and is a very effective and versatile machine. The machine is powerful and robust yet easy to operate.
The Classic model is fitted with the new hub system which makes the machine extremely reliable and reduces the need for service and maintenance.
The models are fitted with an 11.0 kW motor which makes them very powerful and effective.

  • The Classic model is fitted with three grinding
  • The machine is large yet easy to handle and
    delivers high performance.
  • Affects the grinding pressure using extra
  • Good operating economy.
  • HTC Superfloor• • Approved Equipment

Flexible Grinding Cover
Together with the dust extractor it prevents dust spreading in the area. Since HTC•s grinding covers are flexible you can grind much closer to corners and edges.

  Technical Details
  Length 1347mm
  Width 849mm
  Height 1347mm
  Weight 365kg
  Motor Output 11kW
  Voltage 3 x 400 / 460V
  Frequency 50 / 60Hz
  Grinding Pressure 200 - 260kg
  Revolution Speed 300 - 1300 RPM
  Grinding Discs 3 x 270mm
  Grinding Width 800mm
  Grinding Motors 1
  Water Tank 50 L
  Recommended Dust
HTC 10 iAD
HTC 15 iAD

Outstanding quality
HTC•s high quality means that only HTC can offer a 2 year warranty on the complete machine range.

The HTC tool change system is quick, simple and safe. One tooling system for all HTC•s grinding machines.


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