The first ever mobile grinding system.

The HTC 2500 iX is the world•s largest grinding machine. The machine consists of 3 grinding heads with 15 kW motors that grind up to 2.4 metres in width. It•s the perfect machine for large areas that need to be ground rapidly.
The machine is controlled with joysticks and, despite its size, is very easy to manoeuvre thanks to the articulated frame steering that provides an excellent swing radius. The driver sits in a cab with excellent visibility and has a clear control panel and a touch screen for all functionalities in front of him. The driver•s cab is hydrobox-mounted, which insulates against all vibrations, ensuring the driver has a comfortable workday.
The HTC 2500 iX has an integrated suction system that provides a good working environment; it is diesel-powered and has a particle filter so that it can be operated indoors without any problems. The grinding heads can easily be raised and lowered to make tool replacement easy and effective using EZchange, of course!
In order to make the machine even more comfortable and user-friendly, you can equip it with air conditioning, a radio, CD player, DVD player and communications radio. If you need a powerful machine that strips large areas fast and effectively, then the HTC 2500 iX is the right machine! The HTC 2500 iX grinds up to 500 m• of HTC Superfloor• during an 8-hour day.

  • Easy to control with joystick and touch screen
  • Easy to manoeuvre with computerised
    articulated frame steering
  • Height-adjustable grinding heads make tool
    replacement easy
  • Particle-filtered diesel motor enables indoor use
  • Integrated suction system for handling grinding
  • Hydrobox-mounted cab that insulates against all
  • The machine is modular for simple servicing
  • Adjustable grinding pressure
  • Ergonomically constructed with option for
    multiple accessories
  • Tasteful design with integrated systems
  • Grinding width 2.4 m
  • The grinding heads have 3 x 15 kW motors

  Technical Details
  Length 5412mm
  Width 2490mm
  Height 2445mm
  Weight 6300kg
  Motor Output 3 x 15kW
3 x 32A
  Voltage 400V
  Frequency 60Hz
  Grinding Pressure Adjustable (310 +/-80)kg
  Revolution Speed 450 - 1400 RPM
  Grinding Discs 12 x 270mm
  Grinding Head Weight 3 x 310kg
  Grinding Width 2400mm
  Grinding Motors 3
  Water Tank 55 L
  Generator 120kVA, 400V, 60Hz
  Engine 4 Cylinder Perkins Diesel
4,4 L, 157 hp (117kW)
  Fuel Tank 210 L
  Operating Time Approx. 16 hours
  Suction effect Automated dust
extraction system
  Suction motor effect 19.5kW
  Max theoretical airflow 1300m•
  Control System 2 x 2-way joystick,
computerized articulated
  Suspension 3D floating system
  Wheel Dimension 16" x 12"
  Propulsion effect 2 x 6kW

4 head grinder (X model)
With a 4 head grinder you get an up to 30% more effective grinding and stripping and obviously a more level floor.

Flexible Grinding Cover
Together with the dust extractor it prevents dust to spread in the premises. Since HTC•s grinding covers are flexible you can grind much closer to corners and edges.

Mist cooler system
A small detail that makes a huge difference, it prevents the metal tools to overheat and significantly increase the machines stripping capacity.

The HTC developed tool change system is quick, simple and safe. One tooling system for all HTC•s grinding machines.

Good working environment
HTC•s machines are perfectly balanced during grinding without any sideways forces and with vibration levels much lower than the threshold values. The sound levels are very low, and grinding is made more or less dust free.


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