Floor Solutions by HTC
No matter what kind of floor you have, HTC has the solution for you. Whether it is an old floor you want to renovate, a concrete floor you want to polish or grind or just find a way to maintain or clean your floor - HTC has the answer.

HTC•s floor solutions are always:
  •  Environment-friendly
  •  Economical beneficial
  •  Long lasting
  •  Ergonomic
  •  Energy-efficient

Some of HTC•s brands
HTC•s unique floor concept, HTC Superfloor•,
     is a high-quality, environmentally-friendly and
     cost-effective polished concrete floor that is on
     it's way to becoming an international standard. 
     Certified contractors guarantee a perfect result.


  •  HTC Twister• is a diamond-impregnated
     cleaning pad that during repeated independent
     tests proved to be the most effective and
     environmentally-sound cleaning method for all
     types of floor • a cleaning method with no
     chemicals at all!

  •  HTC EZwood• is a completely unique wood
     grinding concept. Surface-grinding a wooden
     floor provides a perfect surface, free from
     •gouges• and unevenness. The machine is    
     extremely simple to operate, so anyone can
     grind their own floor.

  •  HTC Superprep• is another important part of
     our business, i.e. preparing and removing old
     floor coverings with the aid of grinding. A method
     that immediately levels the floor ready for a new
     finish or an HTC Superfloor•.



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